Sunday, July 10, 2016

Center of Attention

Day- 19- Tues. 5/7/16- It is 5:57 in the morning and Center of Attention is in the making with a message from Myrna Elizabeth Mack Chang: - sunrise was the year 1949 and sunset was 1990.

“Chispa de luz en la oscuridad, desbordante, testigo del hambre, la extrema pobreza, la desnutrición, voz de dignidad frente la impunidad y la injusticia. 
Maestra y ciudadana consciente- Lucha y esperanza
Aspiramos a ser consecuentes con las semillas que nos heredó”

Day-20- Wed.  6/7/16- It is 5:53 in the morning and the light is showing us that we are twenty days away from Day- 40; therefore we are in the center, right in the middle, so far it has taken us twenty days and we have twenty to go.

From our point of view, “Center of attention is one of those concepts that are not easy to grasp, it is difficult to find “words” to describe a Spiritual Adventure. We first started using the concept when the construction of what we call today the Center of Attention. The Center of Attention today is in Gangadiwali it is where Diriwana’s Table is located for the past four years.”

Day- 22- Fri. 8/7/16- It is 6:26 in the morning and has been meditating about a particular part of a message that was revealed to us by the spirit of Myrna Mack on the 21st June 2016. We were in Gangadiwali yesterday to receive the “seeds” that Myrna Mack is revealing to us.

Day- 23- Sat. 9/7/16- It is 6:18 in the morning and just got through glancing at a document in the form of a project called ICHARI GANGADIWALI. Brother Ivan’s intervention has been vital in this process for more than eight years and continues today.

It will be eight years since our return to Gangadiwali on July 23rd 2016 and today we can say that the “seeds” are ready. The seeds are ready for Day-40 on the 26th July 2016.

Day- 24- Sun. 10/7/16- It is 6:29 in the morning and just got through reading Two Faces. The concept of two faces was born from a statement made by Brother Todd Robinson on the 30th April 2015 at the head quarters of ONEGUA.

The message has more or less 1,351 words and each one can compromise what a group or a person is saying. In this case, in the past you would not find the word “Brother” in front of the name of Ambassador Todd Robinson of the United States.

Today has been set aside to let the world know that the dream of Martin Luther King for the Garifuna Nation in Guatemala is still alive because of “Brothers” like you. Today we can tell the world that you are our Brother and the Spirits of the Trouble Makers and Our Ancestor will always be with you.

The concept of Center of Attention is not an easy concept to grasp. It has taken us eight years to be here today. The eight years we are referring began in July 2008 and on the 30th April 2015 you became a part of it. Since April of 2015 Guatemala became a Center of Attention.

The concept of Center of Attention from our point of view at this moment is about understanding our call.

Au- Le

Lúbara Huya

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