Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Words are Seeds

Day-31- Sun. 17/7/16- It is 4:42 in the morning and getting ready to be in Rio Dulce- Livingston, Guatemala somewhere around the bridge that looks like a monument. The concept of a monument is provoking a sensation that we are looking forward to. Brother Leo has been in La Buga since Friday 15th July 2016. The first time we met Brother Leo was in December 2004 along with Brother Luther and Brother Gaborone. Therefore it has taken eleven years for this to unfold.

Day-32- 18/7/16- It is 7:59 in the morning and words are seeds is in the making. It was the 21st June 2016 since the word seeds was revealed to us by Sister Myrna Elizabeth Mack Chang. Yesterday the 17th July 2016, we received the miracle seeds in our hands in Rio Dulce at a nursery called Frutas Del Mundo, where we met Brother Dwight. It was at the home of another Brother who is now a part of the congress for the department of Izabal Guatemala.

It was at the home of the brother who is now in congress that we began to understand that the seeds Sister Myrna is talking about are our children across borders. The first set of seeds came from his home but we know from the bottom of our hearts that it is a visit we will never forget.

While we were visiting Brother Dwight at his home, which is a unique nursery we came across the sensation that we had spoken about before our departure. The words became a sweet flavor and can transform sour into sweet in the moment of a heartbeat.

When we give somebody our word, it likes giving them a seed. Jesus Christ once told us a story about some seeds he had given to a few farmers; it is interesting that we still have the same choice today.
When we receive a word from somebody, we have the choice to do the same with a seed. The seeds we received in Rio Dulce yesterday are on their way to Gangadiwali and some will make their way to Punta Gorda and soon across borders


Lúbara Huya

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