Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thinking Allowed

Day-10- Mon. 24/10/16- It is 6:02 in the morning and just got through reading 641 words that we shared with our readers a year ago tomorrow. The first paragraph of the message goes like this, “Sun. 25/10/15- It is 5:28 in the morning and A Spiritual Vote is in the making. The Ancestors of Tomorrow are voting at this precise moment. In this case we are speaking of a Spiritual Vote. We The Garifuna People of Guatemala are the Jews of the Caribbean. Therefore the Garifuna People wants the Person who will be the next president of Guatemala to know that we are the Ancestors of Tomorrow and we are voting today.”

The previous paragraph has less than one hundred “words” never the less; it contains the Diaspora of the Garifuna Nation. The Diaspora of the Jew and Israel is like the Diaspora of the Garinagu and Saint Vincent, please bear in mind that we are not saying that they are the same.

We are the Ancestors of Tomorrow because we believe that the journey continues today. We believe that the Diaspora is alive and would like the world to know that we are not alone.

A Spiritual Vote was born from an experience we had a year ago today. In this case, the 24th October 1995 was set aside twenty one years ago with the birth of Malik our first grandson. It was also the 24th October 2015 while watching a video that was taken in Esquipulas, Guatemala sometime in January of the same year. The Catholic Church acknowledgement of Marcos Sanchez Diaz gave birth to A Spiritual Vote.        

The Ancestors of Tomorrow would like the actual President of Guatemala Jimmy Morales to know that between now and the 18th January 2017 will be crucial for his administration. Be that as it may, you and your administration have made your way. Between today and the 18th January 2017 will define the future of your administration for the rest of the way.

We would like to let the world know that, President Jimmy Morales has included the Garifuna People into his administration and that the relationship so far is stable.

Day-11- Tues. 25/10/16- It is 4:57 in the morning and A Spiritual Vote is a year old today and wondering if our President Jimmy Morales is thinking about what he was doing at this exact time a year ago, more likely than not he was thinking about voting for him-self.

We just got through reading a message that caught our attention. It came by way of Thinking Allowed hosted by Jeffrey Mishlove, PH.D. Here are some of the exact “words,” 

“There are ways in which we can begin to be Self-Conscious about our communication and know that our communication is direct and clear, so that we can begin to undo misunderstandings.”

From our point of view Thinking Allowed is also a way to self- consciousness and would like for our readers to understand that is about a Spiritual journey that continues today. It is a Spiritual Diaspora of a People that is being manifested from the different resource of the Garifuna Nation.

One of our richest resource as a Nation is our Spirituality. Garifuna Spirituality has a place in everything and in every way. The way that Guatemala was going a year ago, is not the same today. 

We the Garifuna People are please with the way things are going today.

Since we are Thinking Allowed about what our expectations are from now to a year from today has linked us to a moment like this. The Garifuna People would like our President to know that our Spiritual Vote is active.

Au- Le

Lúbara Huya

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