Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dreams with Our Father

Day- 26- Fri. 30/9/16- It is 6:39 in the morning and just got through reading a message we shared with our readers a year ago yesterday, however, in this case, here is a message  that we would like to  share with our readers a year from today. “September 30th 2017 is three hundred and sixty four days away and that is why it is hard to say what will happen during the way, but this much we will say, we the Garifuna People are not far away.”

Day- 27- Sat. 1/10/16- It is 6:39 in the morning and has been thinking about the departure of Brother Ivan Jamett. Bro. Ivan left La Buga a few days ago on his way to a new adventure that destiny and faith has designed for him. The departure of a brother like Ivan has not been easy, we met the brother nine years and today we have an area in Gangadiwali that we honor with his name {Ivan’s Area}. We have come to the conclusion that Ivan’s departure from La Buga is one of those Hard Lessons we have been sharing with our readers.

Speaking of Hard Lessons, we received a phone call from Houston Texas a few minutes ago to inform us that my father Pedro Blanco has made his transition. I first met my dad in 1977, when I was sixteen years old; therefore it has been thirty nine years of learning. The past fifteen years has been like the golden years of my life. Pedro Blanco as a human being is one of the persons that have changed my life for the better. 

Day- 30- Tues. 4/10/16- It is 6:32 in the morning and just got through sharing some “ideas” with Imenigi. The idea has been in the making for almost seven years and now the date is set for the 2nd November 2016 in Gangadiwali.

In this case we are building a relationship with the generations to come. Gangadiwali will be a connection between the past and the future.

Day-32- Thurs. 6/10/16- It is 4:58 in the morning and have been thinking about the events that have unfolded in La Buga in the past couple days. The first public lynching of a person in La Buga is now on the records. The records should send a strong message to anyone who violets our human rights and our public safety in La Buga.

On the other hand we were in Gangadiwali yesterday and this morning we came to the conclusion that Gangadiwali is synonymous with peace and tranquility.  La Buga’s Peace and Tranquility was violated by a vicious crime on Tuesday 4th October 2016. The people of La Buga were pushed to their limits and had to take the law into their own hands.  Our peace and tranquility was robbed by two criminals. One of them was caught by the people and they decided to take the law into their own hands by setting one of the criminals on fire.

We were Gangadiwali yesterday to mark an area as a symbol of unity for the future. Our grandson Diño will be celebrating his eleventh birthday tomorrow and his Ichari [farm] is ready.

Day- 33- Fri- 7/10/16- It is 5:43 in the morning and we are thinking about doing something for the first time. This is a thought that was born from a question we would like to ask our readers this morning. When was the last time, you did something for the first time?

In search for the common good, our Garifuna Community in Guatemala has two fundamental challenges intrinsically related. To begin with we are a part of a state that is so weak and fragile. Guatemala from our point of view is at the verge of a civil war. La Buga is vulnerable because we have become contaminated and if something is not done, our grandchildren will pay the price.

“Education is a key”, has been a concept that we have been thinking about for quiet sometime and this time we would like to take it to the next level. It is a challenge for us as a Garifuna Community in Guatemala because we have fallen short of the expectations of Our Ancestors.

It is hard to believe that a lynching has taken place on the grounds of La Buga. Our children are walking around with the image of a person being set on fire on their cell phones.

It is 6:18 in the morning and just got through listening to the discourse of President Manuel Santos of Colombia on CNN live. He has been selected for the noble peace prize. In this case, our expectations have been exceed by a wonderful surprise.

Day-37- Tues. 11/10/16- It is 5:58 in the morning and we are getting ready for the day. It has been twelve days since the transition of our Dad in New York and he should be in La Buga at his home today. To make a long story short, we are looking forward to a moment that might have its connection deeply rooted in what will unfold in the future. The moment we are looking forward to is beyond the pain that the present has brought for our family. We were at our family home last night and could see that the future will be bright.

Day-38- Wed. 12/10/16- It is 6:43 in the morning and looking over a message we shared with our readers yesterday that was revealed through these words, “ To make a long story short, we are looking forward to a moment that might have its connection deeply rooted in what will unfold in the future”.

While we were at the family home yesterday we found out that one of our brother can create the image that is being revealed by the words in the message from yesterday.

Our father will make his physical departure sometime today and the images will be a connection with the last moments he had with us from a physical perspective.

Au- Le

Lúbara Huya

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