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Day-35- Fri. 18/11/16- It is 6:49 in the morning and just got through reading a message we wrote  a little over twenty four hours  ago. We are writing this because the official invitation for the town board meeting will be held on the 24th November 2016 on the second level of the Muni. In this case, the day that has been set aside to set the seed of education is the   24th November 2016 which is going to be Day-1 on our calendar because Day- 40 is the day before which is the  23rd  November 2016.

The next five days will be like preparing and cultivating the soil. We hope to be at the local Jr. High sometime this morning to sit with Brother Francisco Caballeros the school principal and with Brother Libio Centino the first Garifuna Psychologist in Guatemala and who is also a member of the commission of education that is in formation as we speak.

On the other hand the concept of Timeless is like the germination process, it is like the relationship between the soil and the seed.

Day- 36- Sat. 19/11/16- It is 5:23 in the morning and has been thinking about the way we would like to share the following disappointment with our readers. In this case, our local Jr. High in the community of La Buga was broken into or burglarized the night before.  Among the equipment they stole were the only four computers that were in good condition for the entire establishment.

 From our point of view, what took place at our local Jr. High is worse than the lynching that took place here in La Buga on the 4th October 2016. The people of La Buga were pushed to their limits and   because of that, there was an explosion of emotions that went out of control.

Lately there is a group of rats in La Buga and it is time for us to take a look at who is buying the cheese and who are the owners of the cheese factories.

On the other hand, Beluba Luba Furendie closed their doors yesterday with a golden touch for the school year 2016.  There was a group of at least fifty children under the age of seven blended into one at Beluba Luba Furendie yesterday to say bye to another year.

In this case, we would  the world know that we are grateful for the wonderful touch of kindness Beluba Luba Furendie has brought to the lives of the Children in the Municipality of La Buga. We are beyond grateful to each and every one that has made this a reality in many of the lives of the children in our community.  But for this Wonderful Touch of Kindness to continue BELUBA LUBA FURENDIE have to continue knocking on doors for financial support.

We are a short of our expectations for the coming year 2017, we are not sure as of yet, if Beluba Luba Furendie   can open the doors that were closed yesterday with a golden touch by the children in our community. We believe that this will have to take another Wonderful Touch of Kindness for the Doors of Beluba Luba Furendie to open on the second week of January 017.

Day- 37- Sun. 20/11/16- It is 5:25 in the morning and Day-40 is seventy two hours away. The next three day will give birth to the Commission of Education that is in the making.

It will give birth to a transformation that is taking place with the actual administration of President Jimmy Morales. From what can be seen, there is a stable relationship between the three main components.  In this case, we are saying that there is a stable relationship between the President of the Republic, the Mayor of La Buga and the Garifuna Community at large. 

A town board meeting is scheduled for Thursday 23rd November 2016 and we are on the program to address the petition for the formation of the commission of education for the entire municipality of Livingston.  We [Garinagu] would like to participate and to be a part of a transformation that is taking place. Since April 2015, Guatemala has been going through a transformation and continues today. 

The Government has made it very clear that one of the priorities of his administration is Education. Most of us know that Guatemala has a bad reputation around the word in Education.  Most of us know that La Buga has a bad reputation on a national level. Most of us know that our local Jr. High has a bad reputation.

Our reputation as Guatemalans as far as Education is concern is nothing to be proud of. We have mentioned to Our President and Our Mayor that Our Children deserve the same education that their children are having. Guatemala needs equal opportunities for education.   Most of us understand that it will not be an overnight thing. Transformation is a process and can be Timeless.

Day-38-Mon. 21/11/16- It is 4:38 in the morning and have been romancing some of the dates that have given birth to a moment like this. The concept of romancing a date is about being aware of the moment. The concept of a birthday is like the beginning of self-awareness. When does it begin and where does it end. This is a million dollar question and would like to address it at another place and time.

From our point of view, today is giving birth to a transformation. A Spiritual Transformation is happening as we write. We [Garifuna Nation] are the Jew of the Caribbean and we would like for our readers and the world to know that we are not alone.

Marcos Sanchez Diaz has never abandoned his descendants. Marcos Sanchez Diaz has never failed us; we are the ones who have fallen short of our own expectations. We are expecting to be better Garinagu today than we were yesterday.

Day- 39- Tues. 22/11/16- It is 4:36 in the morning and what a twenty four hours it has been. The past twenty four hours has been some of the most euphoric moments we have had in La Buga in many years. Yesterday was Marcos Sanchez Diaz Day in La Buga and from our point of view it’s like the birth of a new day, a new day in the sense that a transformation is taking place and many of us are aware of it. Many of us are aware that we are the Ancestors of Tomorrow and we are not alone because we believe that there is a continuation. The struggle continues today, but this time we are more aware than before.

It was the 22nd November 2014 that we came from Dangriga with four Mahogany Trees donated to us by Brother Benny.  We hope to be in Gangadiwali sometime this morning to continue a relationship with the four trees that we believe goes beyond the material.

 Therefore it was two years ago that a relationship began with these four trees and continues today but we are more convinced now than ever before that we are on a different level. The concept of having a relationship with the Spirit of a Mahogany Tree is not an easy concept to grasp.

Day-40- Wed. 23/11/16- It is 6:35 in the morning and was thinking that we were on Diriwana’s Table yesterday and could not avoid memorizing  the different stories we have heard over the years  about the Mahogany tree that Diriwana’s Table was eventual constructed from. We have heard from a witness who told us that his uncle Basilio Castillo well known as Diriwana started the relationship with the Mahogany Tree in 1964.

Diriwana lived in Gangadiwali for a significant part of his life and by having a Table made in his honor from a Tree that he was connected to, links us to a continuation that is taking place at this moment. At this moment we are joining forces with the Spirits of the Mahogany Trees. Diriwana’s Table in Gangadiwali will be five years old tomorrow and would like for the readers to know that our prayers have been waiting for this moment.     
Today, 23rd November 2016 is Day-40 on our calendar and therefore the next Day-40 will be on 2nd January 2017. Between now and the 1st January 2017 is going to be crucial for us as Garinagu in Guatemala. From our point of view it will be like 40 days and 40 nights in the life of Jesus Christ when he was being temped [tested]. It will be like the 40 days and 40 nights in arc of Noah during rain and storm and it will be like the 40 years in the desert with Moses. 

Au- Le

Lúbara Huya         

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