Saturday, February 11, 2017


Day-37- Wed-8/2/17- It is 5:39 in the morning and just through reading the sworn statements that were read at our swearing in Zacapa a couple days ago. With just 116 one hundred and sixteen “words,” we can begin to change the course of the Garifuna Nation in Guatemala.

President Donald Trump had his sworn moments last month, during a time that Guatemala is going through one of the most important transitions of its history. During a transition of this nature we would like the world to know that we the Garifuna Nation of Guatemala, Belize and Honduras would like to participate on the negotiation in relation to the Treaty of the Northern Triangle

Treaty of the Northern Triangle from our point of views is more like a context. It is like choosing one word out of one hundred and sixteen words that were used in our sworn statement. 

We would like our actual President Jimmy Morales and his administration to know that the Garifuna Nation in Guatemala will take our sworn moments seriously. We are taking our sworn moments to the Áharis who are instrumental in the Northern Triangle of the Caribbean.
While we were in Gangadiwali on Saturday 4th February 2017, we were literally on the Mountain Top and we could see lands that were promised to the Garifuna People in Guatemala, Belize and Honduras.

Sworn Moments is a concept which will give birth on Day 40, that will unfold in the next seven two hours. We were able to meet Carlos Alberto Sagastume Cervantes in Zacapa, the person whom the President selected for our Sworn Moments. This particular person so far has been the only one that we have shown the book we have been reading about the life of Fidel Castro. We gave him access to open our blog-garifunareality and we believe he is the person with the Spiritual Understanding that we were looking for before Day 40.

Day-38-9/2/17- It is 4:32 in the morning and just got through glancing at a document that is related with the treaty of 1773 between England and The Caribe, which took place almost two hundred and forty four years ago.

The Garifuna people were forced to take an oath two hundred and forty four years and now that we are back on the Table the rule to the game have been changed; the time is now to take a good look at both sides of the situation regarding the Garifuna People in Central America.

In this case, charity should begin at home; Guatemala has been the home for a part of the Garifuna Nation in Central America before its independence. Therefore it has taken one hundred and ninety five years for us to come to this point and time. But to make a long story short, we were thinking about a strategy that Madiba used while he was in prison because the system would not allow him to use more than five hundred words to get his message across.

We are thinking about being on Diriwana’s Table sometime this morning, we hope to sit with the Áharis on Diriwana’s Table in Gangadiwali. The next forty eight hours will be crucial for us as representatives of the Garifuna Nation in Central America.

Day-40-Sat.11/2/17-it is 5:50 in the morning and here we are. First and foremost we want to give thanks and praise to the Most High along with the Spirits of the Trouble Makers. We want to thank and praise the Ancestors of Tomorrow for always been here and want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of a journey like this.

A journey like this is linked with a past that continues today in ways that we have manage to document for quite some time now. In this case, we have managed to share with our readers as the events unfolds, for example it is just beginning to rain as we combined the letters with our finger tips to reveal the message we are about to share with you.

One of the messages that caught our attention is about the context that we are watching every move the actual president is making. So far we have access by face-book to the first national assembly with the actual President Jimmy Morales where the indigenous groups were sworn in for their functions and duties.

We the Garifuna Nation in Guatemala are more than certain that the President of Guatemala used less than one hundred and sixteen words for the sworn statement that will define the role of Brother Luis Marcial and Yours Truly.  From  this point  Day-40 Saturday 11th February 2017 until December 2018 the Garifuna People of Guatemala have a voice and vote in the decision making during a transition that is unfolding in Guatemala as we speak.

Au- Le
Lubara Huya

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