Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Day-34-Sun.12/11/17- It is now 3:57 in the morning and has been thinking that we are six days away from Day-40 on our calendar which will fall on Saturday 18th November 2017 on another calendar. The next six days will turn to hours and then to minutes and after that; even the seconds will count. When a person becomes aware that even the seconds count, one begins to cherish every moment and every second. To cherish every moment in our lives is not an easy concept to grasp, especially in days like these and the days to come.

There are moments in our lives when it looks like the odds are against us and we begin to question if we are on the right path. In this case, if we fail to cherish the moment then we have missed the right path.

Day-38- Thurs. 16/11/17- It is now 4:37 in the morning and just got through reading the message we shared with our readers four days ago. The past four days has been some of the most divine moments of a spiritual journey that we have manage to share with the world for the past seven years.

The past seven years of our lives [yours and mine] has been like an open book. It is a book you and I are creating as we speak; someone who always comes to mind immediately is our Sister Dr. Michelle Forbes-Ocasio. We first met on the 15th August 2009 while she was writing a part of her dissertation in La Buga, [for more details go to her webpage www.garifunaresearch.org
In this case, Gangadiwali was able to honor Marcos Sanchez Diaz yesterday by transplanting a Mahogany Tree that came from the chosen seeds that were on Diriwana’s Table on the 21stFebruary 2017. While Sister Michelle was doing her dissertation in La Buga over seven years ago, she was given the green light to do some research on her own about the life and history of Marcos Sanchez Diaz. On the other hand we cannot forget the contributions of brothers like Salvador Suazo, Dr. Joe, brother Alfonzo and many others who have made him real in our lives today.

This morning it was revealed to us through a divine intervention to honor Booker T. Washington on our next visit to Gangadiwali sometime next week by transplanting a Mahogany Tree that came from the chosen seeds.   

 The future moments will be on the next page of our book and it begins today, but before anything first and foremost we would like to thank the universe and you for being present. The next twenty four hours will be moments that you and I are creating together.

Day-39- Fri. 17/11/17- It is now 4:10 in the morning and getting ready to travel to the district of Solola, Guatemala sometime after five this morning but before anything, we would like to share with our readers about an event that unfolded in front of our eyes yesterday at the head-quarters of ONEGUA. It was the presentation of a research in relation to the situation of the Garifuna women regarding justice in Guatemala.

We were present at the presentation at the head-quarters of ONEGUA and our intervention was about the role of BaraudaBarauda in our oral tradition would be someone like the Michelle Obama of today. She was the First Lady of Chief Joseph Chatoyer. She was a defender of the women rights in her times.

Day-3 Tues.21/11/17- It is now 5:11 in the morning and have been thinking about some of the events that unfolded in front of our eyes during the past three days but first we would like to share with our readers and the world that the visit of Mr. Zeid Ráad Al Hussein the actual high commissioner of the United Nation to Guatemala is like the light at the end of the tunnel. From our Spiritual point of view, the light is in the form of Justice.

In this case, the visit of Mr. Hussein to Guatemala and our visit to Solola Guatemala on the 18th November 2017 was a Day 40 on our calendar. It was a day that Brother Fermin Arzu was chosen to represent the Garifuna People of Guatemala as a Spiritual Leader. He was able to share the same stage that Mr. Hussein was on, and went as far as sharing a message in English with him.

The media was able to share information about the visit of Mr. Hussein with authorities like the president of Guatemala Jimmy Morales. The case that caught Mr. Hussein’s attention is the loss of 41 lives in Hogar Seguro during the month of March 2017.

We would like Mr. Hussein to know that the Garifuna People of Guatemala has lost every respect that we once had for the President of Guatemala   Jimmy Morales. We the Garifuna People are in the same shoes with the other indigenous groups, if the children at Hogar Seguro were 41 Garifuna children, from our point of view there would not be any difference in the reaction of the president to the situation.

On the other hand, the Garifuna People of Guatemala  have manage to share our solidarity with the family since May 15th 2017,  by  transplanting 41 mahogany trees in Gangadiwali, La Buga to honor the life of  each and every one of the teenager  that died in the fire during the month of  March 2017.

We would like the high Commissioner of the United Nations, Mr. Hussein and the world at large to know that the Garifuna Nation has managed to keep the Spirit of Justice for the 41 teenagers. The 41 mahogany trees in Gangadiwali is a symbol of Justice for the indigenous of Guatemala.

On the other hand, a copy of a research that was conducted this year regarding the situation of the Garifuna Women in relation to the system of Justice in Livingston, Guatemala was donated as a gift from the Garifuna People to Mr. Hussein on the 18th November 2017 in Solola, Guatemala.

In this case, we would like to share with Mr. Hussein, the high commissioner of the United Nation and the world that Gangadiwali was able to honor Barauda yesterday with a Mahogany Tree from the seeds that were on Diriwana’s Table on the 21st February 2017. 

Au- Le
Lúbara Huya

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