Thursday, February 1, 2018

A Spiritual Light

Day-32-Thurs. 1/2/18-It is now 5:55 in the morning and has been thinking about the events that unfolded in front of our eyes yesterday. Yesterday around this time La Buga was literally in the dark, we had no electricity for more than sixteen hours but now we are in the light; a light we believe has been waiting for us. A light at the end of the tunnel has been waiting for since the 12th April 1797. 

The 12th April 2018 will be 221 years since we were exiled to the coast of Honduras but this time the light will be waiting for us. A Spiritual Light is a type of light that cannot be seen by the naked eyes therefore we are conscious that there is a large task ahead.  
Lately we have been reading messages from the past, for example, messages from Black Leaders that might have seen the last blue moon over one hundred and fifty years ago. If Rafael Carrera the first black president of Guatemala had lived one more year, he would have had the chance to see it on the 31st January 1866 but he made his transition the year before 1865. On the other hand Booker T. Washington was less than ten years old in 1866 when the previous blue moon took place before yesterday.

A Spiritual Light therefore does not have limits and it never goes out, it is always there even thought we might not see it. We were at the first town board meeting for the year 2018 on the second floor of the Muni in La Buga yesterday and the “figure” we were hoping to see was not there. The actual Mayor, Miguel Rax was not physically present at the first town board meeting yesterday and because we did not see him, we were about to take actions in ways we believe would have altered the process.

From our Spiritual Point of view, Marcos Sanchez Diaz is a light and it was the 31st January 2011 when we first saw the light that we are now writing about. We are conscious that while we are doing the writing a light is present, and it has always been. While we were in Esquipulas on the 5th and 6th January 2018, we [Tomas Sanchez/Lúbara Huya] were able to see Miguel Rax with both eyes twice in one day. The first time was while we were in line to the see the Cristo Negro of Esquipulas, bear in mind that it was also the nick name the Indigenous would refer to Rafael Carrera the first black president of Guatemala.

On the other hand we would go for months in La Buga without seeing the actual mayor. Sometime we would visit the Muni twice a week for months and we would not see him, or he did not want to see us. We would like the president of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales and the Mayor of La Buga, Miguel Rax to know that the light will somehow overcome the dark. We can now see with our Spiritual eyes A Spiritual Light at the end of the tunnel.

Lúbara Huya            

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