Monday, March 14, 2016

Never Alone

Sun. Day 25-13/3/16- Its 5:04 in the morning and just got through reading So Precious That You Can Die for It, never the less, it has given birth to Never Alone. Never Alone is in the making.

So Precious That You Can Die for It; was a Sermon Given by Dr. King at Ebenezer Church November 5, 1967.

From our point of view the “Cross” is still here today but to understand that we are Not Alone is a positive note. To think that one is Not Alone will lighten the burden on your shoulders.

Here we are today and would like to confess that it feels like a “cross” when  questions like the ones previously mentioned are asked and  nobody stands up to answer, in this case not even President Barrack Obama of the United Sates.

In this case, we are going to take it one day at a time and we will see what will unfold before the 21st March 2016.

Day-26- Mon. 14/3/16- Its 3:53 in the morning and there is a feeling of “checking the facts”.   For example “Never Alone” is now more than before. It has been more than twenty four hours of meditating and yes indeed we are beyond grateful for the intervention of the Most High and the Spirits of the Trouble Makers.

Day- 25 was yesterday, today is Day-26 therefore Day-33 will be on the 21st March 2016, between now and then we hope to share with you a part of the journey. You and I are riding the wave of time, and now more convinced than before, that we will never be alone.

The word that caught our attention yesterday and continues today is the concept of the “cross”. Since the 23rd January 2016 we have somehow captured some of the mystics behind our Spirituality as a Nation in La Buga, Guatemala. We are connected with Vietnam, because The Garifuna Nation fought in the war Dr. King is talking about. We know about brothers that are still alive one way or another from La Buga, Guatemala who fought in the Vietnam War. 

From our point of view our eyes are open and set. The events that are unfolding and will continue to unfold in front of our eyes are days already set aside.

The 30th April 2016 will be a year for example, since we asked the Ambassador of the United States Embassy in Guatemala a few questions, as far as we are concern the questions remained unanswered.
The “cross” that Jesus had to carry, knowing that it was the same “cross” he was going to die on and plus crucified by his own people is not for the naked eyes to see.

Au- Le
Lubara Huya

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