Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Spiritual Vote, Part III

Day-18- Sun.6/3/16- it is 7:06 in the morning and feeling more relaxed. First and foremost we would like to share something personal with you this morning. In this case we would like our readers to understand that we are sharing information with you as they unfold. The message related with our Temple in Barranco is unfolding as we speak because you and I are cultivating, you and I are now participating one way or another.

The outcome of our participation will reveal itself to us on the date already mentioned. You and I are now on a journey and we are looking forward to a day that was already set aside.

The Temple that Jesus speaks about in the New Testament is no different from the one we have in Barranco, Belize today.  It is about the way we think that makes a difference.

Day-19- Mon. 7/3/16- It is 5:22 in the morning and getting ready to build a fire for today, it is a ritual that we practice to honor our ancestors like Booker T. and the Trouble Makers.  For the most part we have been paying attention to the rain and thunder in the background, it has been two days in a row that we have heard the thunder roar around the same time.

Having to say that, we have been thinking about dates that are set aside; let’s take 21st March 1965 and March 21st 2016 as an example.  In 1965 Dr. Martin Luther King started his march from Selma to Montgomery for the voting Act of 1965. On the 21st March 2016, Obama will be in Cuba, the last time something like this happen was 88 years ago.

Here we are two weeks away from a day already set aside; the world will be watching every move and every word that will be pronounced from the lips of Obama and Raul Castro. The question remains will President Obama meet with Fidel Castro?  Who will kiss whose feet?

On the other hand we should be in a meeting at the Muni sometime after five in the evening. At the moment it is not mentioned what the meeting will be about, be that as it may, we will stand by what we say.

We have said for example that “if” the actual mayor of La Buga can solve the crisis in regards to the water problems we are having for the past two decades, during his term.

We will not back down on our word, “we have said this before and we are willing to say it again, “Common Good” should prevail under any circumstance.

Day 19- Tues. 8/3/16- It is 3:53 in the morning and what caught our attention this morning was a message we heard many years ago on a comedy show. Before we continue allow us to once again remind ourselves never to write anything that will hurt our people, in this case the Garifuna Nation. However we would like to “paraphrase” what we heard on the comedy show many years ago. “If you want to hide something from the Garifuna Community in Guatemala, all you have to do is put in writing. Because the Garifuna Community in Guatemala does not read.” 
Now that we are at this point and time, we would like to share with you what unfolded in front of our eyes yesterday at 6:02 in the evening on the second floor of the Muni. To begin with it was information for the community mayors of the urban area, [La Buga] indicating that there is a budget at the Muni as we speak for the construction of a branch of the University of San Carlos, Guatemala here in La Buga.

To give you an idea, there were only two of us present at this particular meeting at the Muni yesterday.  On the other hand there were no classes for our children yesterday due to a “teacher’s” meeting, bear in mind that the parents do not know what the meeting was about.  There was not a single Garifuna Teacher at the meeting yesterday, keep in mind that we are thinking about the construction of an institution for higher learning.

We are thinking about being in Gangadiwali sometime this morning, and there is no doubt in our mind that it is about Spiritual Vote part three. We will be at Gangadiwali on Diriwana’s Table to vote about what will happen later today at the Muni some time after four in the evening.

There is no doubt in our minds that the Trouble Makers will be on the voting table at Gangadiwali today.

Ancestors like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Marcos Sanchez Diaz, Madiba and the Ancestors of Tomorrow will be there to vote.


Lúbara Huya.

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