Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Garifuna Movements In Guatemala

Day-24-Mon.21/5/18-It is now 4:19 in the morning and just got through experiencing something mystical for the first time and would like to share in details our experience sometime in the near future, but more importantly we would like to share with our readers and the world today about how it all began. It was revealed to us through one of the albums that we have stocked in our archives over the years. Our eyes came across a news paper clipping that caught our attention. Our attention was caught because it came with a message from Brother Humbe that was written on June 5th 2007, bear in mind that brother Humbe made his transition on April 2nd 2016.

Day-26- Wed.24/5/18-It is now 4:34 in the morning and would like to continue from where we were a couple days ago and at the same time compare  with where we are at this moment. In this case here is a copy from the news clipping that goes like this “Jorge Bermudez, president del Consejo Directivo de FODIGUA, manifesto que es necesario fomenter la participacion cuidadana y elevar la capacidad individuals y colectivas de los Pueblos Indigenas.”

Before we continue and if by chance that you are a first time reader, we would like for you and the world to know that your time is very precious to us. In this case, we want to give thanks and praise for the intervention of the Most High and the Spirits of the Ancestors of Tomorrow for a moment like this. This is a moment we believe was chosen to share with you about a Spiritual Journey that could have had its origins at an historic event that took place at the University of Loyola in Los Angeles during the first week of July 1992.

Here we are approaching twenty six years of learning, from an event we believe continues to today. Today Expectations of the Future is more than nine pages long with almost four thousand words mixed into revelations like the one we are sharing with you at this moment.

At this moment we believe that the message we are sharing with you is not a coincidence, from our Spiritual Point of View it is a consequence of all the events that has been unfolding in front of our eyes since 1992.

Day-29-Sat.26/5/18-It is now 2:59 in the morning and have been thinking about some of the events that unfolded in front of our eyes during the past couple days, the event of the  past couple days will put a mark on the future of the Garifuna Movements In Guatemala. The Garifuna Movements in Guatemala has evolved and has never been the same since the first official visit of Mr. Todd Robinson our ex-ambassador of the United States in Guatemala to Labuga Livingston for the first time in April 2015. We would like our readers and the world to know that your visit to Labuga has opened the eyes of the Ancestors of Tomorrow.

We would like for our readers and the world to know that our concept of the Ancestors of Tomorrow includes every Garifuna on the planet earth. It is a belief among the Garifuna Nation that it is about all for one and one for all. It is a movement that is growing and covering grounds around the world. We might have an update of the population or census of the Garifuna Nation in Guatemala hopefully before this year is over.

The Garifuna Movement in Guatemala is also a concept that is in process with relative and important issues regarding our Human Rights as an Indigenous group in the Americas. The Garifuna Nation in Guatemala is a piece of the puzzle and we are looking for our right place.

Au Le
Lúbara Huya.

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