Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A little light at the end of the tunnel

Today is Wednesday 10th March 2010, the Norwegian Ambassador along with members of the United Nations were here in Labuga yesterday evening for a specific reason.

They were here to listen to a presentation related with the Garifuna Reality and Our Priorities. The Garifuna Delegation consisted of members of the different branches of the Garifuna community from here in Livingston and from Puerto Barrios.

I have had the opportunity to live here in Labuga, {Livingston} for the past nine years, and throughout those nine years the phrase I have heard the most is, “we as Garinagu are not UNITED”. Yesterday will prove to be a historic moment in Labuga. I stand before you and say THIS; I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I say this, because; The Ambassador of Norway Lars Vaagen and members of the United Nations came here to listen and observe. Sometime this morning, they will have a private meeting to contemplate their observations. Members of the Garifuna Parliament and the different Garifuna Organizations manifested a sign of hope that we are willing to stand together regardless of our differences the open question here is “Are we ready to define who and what we really are”.

This is something I wrote not too long ago, “I make real that to which I pay attention; therefore you make real that which you pay attention to". Finally we make real that to which we pay attention. However it is important to acknowledge that there is also another dimension to this, they make real that which they want us to pay attention to. For this to make more sense allow me the opportunity to break it down “Life is a series of relationships”, I am connected to whatever it is that makes up my reality.

As a Garifuna I can see a Light at the end of Tunnel.

To be continued: please feel free to share your point of view!!
Au Le
Lubara Huya

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Michelle said...

What a wonderful opportunity! I mean for Lars to meet you all. :) Lars was instrumental in instituting programs for the Maya for the past couple of years, so I really hope he will do the same for the Garifuna. Let me knowhow it goes!