Sunday, April 1, 2012

Then and Now

Somehow, there has always been a then and a now. However I would like to believe that each and every one of us can separate the then from the now. Here are some words that I was sharing with my English class here in Labuga, on the 31th March 2012, where my son Imenigi has been participating for the past three years. “We are here and nowhere else”. “We are talking about now”.

The word “now” takes me back to the 21st February 2010; I had “then” decided that I was going to share with you, “Garifuna Reality”. Since then, you and I have stayed in touch; we have managed to have a point of contact, now I am looking forward to have a meeting point with you. Now, it may sound as if though I am writing to my son, I won’t deny it, however it goes beyond that. What we are doing here, is creating a meeting point.  

I once wrote to my readers about the point of contact, not realizing that we were creating something much more interesting. In this case, “a meeting point”, the term meeting point from my perspective has not been defined by us the Garifuna People. Here from Labuga I would like to believe that the time is now. Two years ago a branch of the United Nations was here in Labuga, because they wanted us to define our priorities. Little did I know then about myself as a Garifuna! Yet I would like to set this on the table, I would like to sit with anyone who is willing for us to have a meeting point.  A meeting point for us to define our priorities as a Garifuna People here in Guatemala.

Lúbara Huya.        

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