Saturday, May 5, 2012

Point in Time

My genetic makeup can be traced to an historic event that marked our history over two hundred and fifteen years ago. In other words we are the descendants of the Garífuna people that survived the injustice of colonialism. Here we are in a point in time to make a difference.

Just a couple days ago I was reading about the debates between Guatemala and Belize over territorial rights, it was mentioned that the dispute has been taking place for over a century.  The question I would like to ask is, What role are we going to play in this?

I would like to elaborate a little bit more about the connection of my genetic makeup with the arrival of our people to the different countries in Central America. During a workshop in Labuga in the month of January 2012, a panel of anthropologist was doing a presentation of documents where the government was requesting the return of Marcos Sanchez to Livingston, Guatemala.

I would like to draw your attention to something I wrote on the 31st of March 2012: “I would like to believe that time is now.” Two years ago a branch of the United Nations was here in Labuga, because they wanted us to define our priorities.

As a Garífuna born in Labuga I am “doing” what I can with what I already have.  In this case I am doing my best under the circumstance. However I am aware that my best is not enough because yours is also a part of the whole. If we all come to the table with the “best” of intention I know that we can make a difference.

Lúbara Huya

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I am a student in Colorado, USA and visited Livingston in December 2011. Right now I am writing a paper about my travels and was looking at Garifuna history and culture...I was excited to see this blog and am anxious to start reading some of your posts. I just wanted to say thank you for blogging and sharing.