Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dead End

Sun.23/2/14- It is 5:17 in the morning and just got through a flashback. I was thinking about a moment which took “place” on the 23rd February 2001. I had been in pain for more than a week and had come to a Dead End.

It was a day like today that I came to a “Dead End” thirteen years ago. I had to decide if I wanted to continue with such a pain that was eating at me from the 7th February – 23rd   February 200.  In other words, in sixteen days I had lost more than thirty pounds. Today, it feels like the same thing but on another level. Thirteen years ago the experience was on a physical level, today it feels like I am going through the same pain but on a Spiritual one.

Thirteen years ago, I was infected by a mosquito, that had me bleeding slowly to death, for some reason beyond my understanding I am here today to share with you, be that as it may today I can think about brothers like Bibi, who gave their life for the struggle of the Garífuna Nation. Bibi came to a Dead End on the 19th March 2004, I remember because Imenigi my son was only two days old.

My heart has been bleeding since the passing of Bibi, in this case I have gone beyond and above the call of duty for my community in Labuga, on the other I can say that I am nothing compared to someone who can fit the shoe of my Brother. I am aware that I am not the only one with a “bleeding heart” and would like to end the bleeding ten years later.

I would like to invite your conscience to a proposal as an initiative of ONEGUA. We would like propose a Tribute to Epifanio Nery well known as "Bibi". We would like to have a Garífuna Mass in honor of the fourteen people who lost their lives on the 19th March 2004 on their way to Guatemala City in a LITEGUA bus line.


Lúbara Huya

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