Friday, March 7, 2014

Inside Look, Part III

 Fri.7/3/14- It is 6:05 in the morning and just got through reading the document that might reach the hands of the actual president of Guatemala Otto Pérez Molina anytime now. He was the first person I told that I was the current president of ONEGUA on April 29th 2013 at the Presidential Palace in Guatemala City. I remember so well because it was the day we gave him a book about the life of Marcos Sanchez Diaz. It was the same day I signed the document that I believe can be the foundation of our political instrument. I believe that our ancestors will play a vital role in the process now I would like to share INSIDE LOOK part three with you.

Thurs.6/3/14- It is 5:29 in the morning and I have decided that if I get to see the authorities that are scheduled to be at the head-quarters of ONEGUA sometime around eight thirty more or less three hours from now; I will give them a copy of Dead End but with few correction, somehow I had put Wed 4th   2014 as the date which in this case does not exist therefore theirs will carry a correction that I made. Before I continue I would like to share with you that I was in Gangadiwali yesterday with the intention of sharing Dead End with Áhari. I came to the understanding that Dead End in Garífuna is: Ya lonwe.

Dead End “Ya Lonwe” is a document that I have decided to share with our ancestors, and that is the main reason behind why I took it to Gangadiwali. The message I would like to share with you today is about the concept of transparency.  In this case, it is also my duty to tell my people the truth, because the truth will set me free. I was able to ask myself this same question a couple days ago. Am I a “free man”?

My answer this morning will be the same; “In this case, my actions will speak for themselves; your actions can tell the world whether you are a free man or not. On the other hand the decisions that one makes tells us whether he is a free man or not.”

I hope to be a part of the meeting today; I will make it my duty to let both sides, in this case, the authorities who will represent the government and the Garífuna leaders who will represent their organization.

I want you to know that I am uncomfortable with the lack of transparency on both sides. I started getting involved over ten years ago with the Garífuna movement here in Guatemala. It was the lack of transparency that brought me to ONEGUA. To be honest not much has change.

I happen to believe that transparency is vital to a political process. People like me, would like to do things in the light.

Speaking of a “political process” I have to decide before noon today about the role ONEGUA will play, regarding the proposal of the Programa Maya Fase-2. I think it was on the 9th March 2010 during the first part that a delegation of the United Nations asked us the Garinagu in Guatemala. What is the Garífuna Priority?

I believe we need to legalize the Garífuna Parliament. In this case, we need a political instrument that both the Government and Garífuna People will respect.


Lúbara Huya-Tomas Sanchez

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