Sunday, April 13, 2014

Duality, Part III

Sat. 12/4/14- It is 5:21 in the morning and just got through analyzing the phrase of my closing statement yesterday. “I have learned that the only person I can change is me.” Before I continue, I want to give thanks and praise to the Most High and the Áhari for always being there and last but not least a Thanks in Advance.

I have been thinking about this moment since the 5th April 2014, you see I have been writing about a connection and continuation for quite some time now. The connection I am writing about is a contact with the past, a past that can link us together as Garínagu.

I first heard Brother Roy spoke about our principles, values and spirituality as a Nation, on the 4th November 2013, and was able to hear it for the second time on the 3rd April 2014 at Gotay’s in Chewecha, Labuga. I had the opportunity to visualize the experience our forefathers went through in a way so profound, it was like being there. Therefore I have been anticipating a moment like this to share with you the next step of my journey.

I once said, that we the Garifuna People of Guatemala need a political instrument that both sides will respect, in this case, I am referring first and foremost to my brothers and sisters in the struggle. I will always try to remind you that I am just a part of the process, a process that was marked by history which began in Central America on the 12th 1797. We are here today because of the courage of our ancestors and one day history will also say something about our generation.

I also said that we the Garínagu of Guatemala have lost our sense of direction, direction in the sense that we have been locked in the same spot for over a decade. The Garínagu in Guatemala are divided more than ever before. In this case I have been thinking about this moment since the 5th April 2014. I have decided that if I have to resign as the president of ONEGUA so that the Parlamento Garífuna can be legalized. If so be it, I will update you on the 29th April 2014 therefore I have two weeks to make a change.

Au- Le
Lúbara Huya

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