Saturday, May 3, 2014

Inside Look

Part IV

Tues. 29/4/14- Today is a new day. I say this because it is exactly a year ago today since we were in Guatemala City at the Presidential Palace. President Otto Pérez Molina was the first person I informed that I was elected president of ONEGUA the day before. Our organizations [Parlamento Garifuna] had been through a major conflict regarding a project that the Parlamento Garifuna had in conjunction with ONEGUA back in 2011. The project was financed by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation [AECID] from Spain for approximately one hundred thousand dollars. Today a large percent of the organizations are disappointed and have decided to keep their distance. But this does not mean that we cannot settle our differences.

The current president of Guatemala has fallen very short of our expectations as a People. I remember signing a document on his table that has the petitions and demands of the Garifuna People of Guatemala. I can provide a photo and if you look carefully you can see a copy of a book that speaks about the life of Marcos Sanchez Diaz. We gave the book to the President because we do not believe in “coincidence”. I believe that the spirit of Marcos Sanchez Diaz was present at that meeting and it is just a matter of time before we see the consequence

Today I have a copy of a television program that the president has on Tuesdays since August 2013 [frente a frente con el presidente], when he asked Carlos Caballeros, the current representative of the Garifuna People, for the institution that looks into the issues of racism and discrimination in Guatemala. Otto Pérez Molina once asked Carlos a question that still rings in my ear today. The question was ‘how do the Garifuna People feel about the Cabinet that was in the making?’ But before I continue I would like to share this message with you, this message has been accessible to me since 16th August 2008, it goes like this: 
“All I have to do when things are in doubt, when the load gets heavy, is face whoever I am looking at and say I am That.” 
I am the only one; with the guidance of the Most High and Our Ancestors who decides what “That” will be.

Today I am looking at how things are unfolding and I can say that I was once blind but now I can see. The process I have been talking about began in San Diego, California on the 16th August 1997. I have been residing in Labuga, Guatemala since 2001 and for the past ten years I have allowed destiny combined with fate to rule my life and it has been a wonderful journey and a learning experience. I am saying that I can see now because I am having a profound relationship with the Most High and Our Ancestors.

I happen to see that the Most High and Our Ancestors are with us, and they watching over us, allow me to put a little twist on it: I happen to be believe that we are the “Jews” of the Americas; Garínagu also are his chosen people. We are not in America because of a “coincidence”.

To be continued...

Lúbara Huya

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