Monday, September 8, 2014

Standing by the Truth

Thurs. 4/9/14- It is 5:49 in the morning and just got through praying, the first part was to thank the Most High for his intervention in our affairs, the other part was to thank the Most High for another day. To live one day at a time was one of the thyme I was discussing over the phone with a big brother of mine yesterday before I met with Brother Fermin on our way to Gangadiwali.

Lately I have been talking about the concept of coincidence verses consequence. Brother Fermin and I took advantage of the time to address some of the events that are unfolding in front of our eyes as we speak. An event from yesterday that caught my attention was a legal document from the municipality of Labuga, signed by Sr. Rodolfo Arana Flores on the 19th December 1985. It is an agreement about Garifuna Day in Guatemala. It states that the 26th November of every year is declared as the founding of Livingston by Marcos Sanchez Diaz
On the other hand, I have also mentioned that trials and tribulations are to establish truth. Not long ago I was present at one of the largest and modern Garifuna Temple near Los Altares. Due to issues regarding the land that the Temple is built on, the doors to our Temple has been closed for quite some time now.

Then a few days ago I wrote the following, “that a time will come that a man has to stand up for the truth”. In this case, I have a strong reason to believe that the parcel of land that the Temple is built on is sacred land and it is not in the jurisdiction of the family who is claiming it. I became familiar with this case more than six years ago, and I am aware of the extraordinary effort by many of the brothers and sisters in our communities to make our Temple a reality.

The events that are unfolding in front of my eyes; in relation to our Temple and the organizations that supposedly should be watching and protecting our patrimony has fallen short of their objective because of self interest.  To date I am still the legal representative of ONEGUA until March 19 2015 and I am not the exception. ONEGUA will be on the front page sooner than you expect. This much I will say, I will go out on a limb to say this, “I will stand by the truth”.

Lúbara Huya  

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