Saturday, May 30, 2015


Fri.29/5/15- it is 6:30 in the morning and somewhat feeling sensitive. Sensitive in the sense, because it was three years ago today that we knew that Ma Chana could make her transition at anytime.  Sensitive in the sense because we just got through reading a message we shared with you two years ago that goes like this “Therefore if we plant the seed of unity then we have to cultivate unity. I believe that the Ancestors will rejoice at such a concept. Gangadiwali in my opinion is synonymous with a promise, but we have to prepare ourselves to receive it. We have to prepare from all the different angles, one of which is the political angle.

The message this morning boils down to the most recent revelation that goes like this “I wondered- not for the first time-whether one was ever justified in neglecting the welfare of one’s own family in order to fight for the welfare of others. Can there be anything more important than looking after one’s own aging mother? Is politics merely a pretext for shirking one’s responsibility, an excuse for not being able to provide in the way one wanted? [Madiba]
A few days ago, Brother Fermin and I met in front of the Muni here in Labuga and it was how we became aware of his political intentions. However we have known all along that it was in the plan but it still felt like a big shock. A meeting was scheduled at Brother Fermin’s home for six that evening.  But due to previous commitments that same evening we were forced to leave and therefore did not participate.
However before we left we were able to observe an episode between two of the brothers that called my attention. These two brothers have known each other for decades, they were chosen by the spiritual community as disciples of Marcos Sanchez Diaz in the eighties. From our point of view today; the Spiritual and the Political conditions of our Brothers and Sisters in Guatemala can be seen from different angles. There is an urgency to find a balance between the two.
The spiritual and political conditions of our people are at its worst and elections are around the corner, we have to elect our authorities from conditions like these. Elections are set for September 6th 2015, and we are planning to vote, because this time around we would like to intervene with our voices and with our votes.
We hope to vote for the third time but this time around it will be about the Garifuna Cause. In so many ways we will like for this to be known, if we cannot trust the messenger, we will not trust the message. We are interested in the Garifuna Cause and not necessarily the person. Therefore, if any of the candidates can show their interest about the Garifuna Cause they can also count on our votes.
A few hours from now, we should be participating in our first political meeting for what should be the signs and symbols of what is yet to unfold.
Lúbara Hu

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