Saturday, June 6, 2015

Wabuduha, Part II

Thurs. 4/6/15- It is 6:14 in the morning just got through greeting our son Imenigi his good morning and for some reason we are thinking about some information his grandfather shared with us a couple days ago.

Since the visit of Ambassador Todd Robinson to Labuga on the 30th April 2015, we have been trap trapped by a few curiosities. We are still curious if Mr. Robins is the first Black Man to serve as an ambassador of the United States in Guatemala.

Another curiosity that caught our attention is to verify if Dr. Martin Luther King ever visited Guatemala. If so be the case, we know of the person who was at the reception center when Dr. Martin  Luther King Jr. signed for his room at Hotel Del Norte in Puerto Barrios, in Izabal.

We are curious about the visits that Marcos Garvey made to Guatemala, are the records available? Is it a fact that Che and Fidel Castro also visited Labuga? We became aware of a visit from an ambassador of Haiti who was a Black Man and later became the president; this particular person was in Labuga to visit the late Pablo Mejia [Don Beto].

Wabuduha [Let's Vote] has brought us to this point. Wabuduha is about a message from the past. Wabuduha is a voice of the past that is speaking tthe present. Wabuduha from our point of view is political and for the most part it is about voting.

We hope to vote for the third time in Guatemala these coming elections. If you take a careful look at the list of names we have shared with you so far, you may arrive at your own conclusion. They are political figures with a cause.

Au- Le

Lúbara Huya

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