Thursday, June 11, 2015

Trouble Makers, Part II

Thurs. 11/6/15- It is 4:00 in the morning and a rooster is crowing in the background. Trouble Makers is a message we shared with you two months ago today. Tomorrow will be two months since we shared this message with you “It was revealed to us to read about the life and journey of Nelson Mandela for the third time; in this case you and I are joining a voyage in the making. This might be a voyage that can transcend the next 218 years. Before we continue lets join in a prayer for the intervention of the Most High and the Spirits of the Trouble Makers along with the Freedom Fighters of the present, past and future.

The past sixty days for the next 218 years will be remembered in the history of Guatemala. However it was five years ago, that a questioned was asked and to be honest, it still haunts my soul today. It was in the month of March 2010, a delegation of the Programa Maya asked a delegation of the Garifuna organizations about the priority of the Garifuna People of Guatemala.

Today if you ask me, as an individual, my common sense tells me that the situation in Guatemala is like fighting against the current. A few days ago, I went as far as telling a brother that things are like going up a hill with a load on your shoulder.

On the other hand, from a political angle we can see it as an opportunity to choose a priority for the Garifuna Community of Guatemala. We are aware that we are just a tiny fraction of the population; however it should be known that as a People we have a vote and a voice.

The Garifuna Votes will draw a lot of attention around these elections. There are brothers and sisters who are now competing for a portion the Garifuna Votes. We do agree that united we stand and divided we fall. We are wondering if any of the Garifuna Candidates can join the Garifuna votes. Can any of the Garifuna Candidates answer the five year old question? What is the priority of the Garifuna People of Guatemala?

In this case, from today we have eighty four days before Election Day. We as a people [Garifuna] have a choice by how we will vote. The votes will determine the outcome. We can vote for a Person or we can vote a Cause. Three years ago, we shared a message by the theme of who will you vote for? Three years later here we are asking the same question. Three years from now, we will be experiencing the outcome of how we will vote as a People in these coming elections.


Lúbara Huya     

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