Saturday, October 17, 2015

No Man's Land

Day- 38- Sat 17/10/17- La Buga is still in the wilderness. A meeting was held between representatives of the Registro de Información Catrastal - Land Registry Information (RIC), and the vice Mayor of La Buga with the board members of the community mayors yesterday at the Municipality sometime between 9:45- 11:30 in the morning.

We were informed by a representative of an institution that was born from a conflict that lasted thirty-six years in Guatemala. In those days, an agreement or better known as a Peace Treaty was reached by international political instruments in favor of the rights of indigenous people.

What caught our attention is something the representative of RIC said in the meeting. He said in so many words that the urban area of Labuga is not registered in Guatemalan Archives. Our understanding is that La Buga is a “No Man’s Land”.

The next forty eight hours will play an important role in the message we have been sharing with you for the past thirty eight days, the journey began on September 9th 2015 as we approach Day Forty on the 19th October 2015. We would like to give Thanks and Praise in Advance for the intervention of the Most High and the Spirits of The Trouble Makers in times like these. We want to thank you for being a part of this journey.

You have been a part of a journey that has a destiny, a destiny that is being formed from the past. It is a destiny that is taking us to “No Man’s Land”, but it will not stop there, because we are on our way to The Promise Land.

Au- Le
Lúbara Huya 

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